A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Procedural Generated Enemies will siege you until you die, go as long as you can against the dual color enemies!!!

After Jam ends, I will add more content.

Final Game Jam Version, now updated to work with Godot 2.0.4 or greater (breaks compatibiliy with previous versions), lots of bug fixing, extra difficulty and support for Android.

Note: Linux64 and Mac64 not tested
Note2: May lag on android with too much chess pieces

Install instructions

For Source, Import the Project in Godot
For Android, Install the apk

For Linux, you have to make it executable

For others, open the executable


All vs Chess -Source.zip 3 MB
All vs Chess-Win64.zip 9 MB
All vs Chess-Win32.zip 8 MB
All vs Chess.apk 17 MB
All vs Chess-Mac64.zip 3 MB
All vs Chess-Linux64.zip 12 MB

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