A Shoot'em up with Godot as Protagonist (at least for game jam). Battle against Space Invaders in an 2 button-only adventure. Game is still in development, but it's playable enough for the game jam.

Edit: Fixed not going to menu when dying bug, please re-download if you had this bug.

Edit 2: Seems itch.io was in "disable download mode", so probably nobody downloaded old version

Edit 3: Decided to zip the Linux file with pck, since noticing more people downloaded the first without the pck. Added html5 version

Edit 4: Fixed the Source code not being correct


Directional Arrows or A+D (A + Suggested).

Move by holding the keys and to attack, there is a combo system that works alternating directions quickly, master the combo system and you will win.

This version is a demo, it has several limitations and is not balanced at all.

Code is under Apache License, my bullet system is advanced, should be useful for other projects.

Install instructions

For Source Code (the .zip file), open it with Godot Editor 2.1.2

Linux Version needs data.pck, so you have to download the 2 linux files (have a tux in them) Now Linux version comes zipped with pck

Html5 version is experimental


Godot Space Shooter (32 bits).exe 15 MB
Godot Space Shooter (64 bits).exe 17 MB
Godot Space Shooter.zip 19 MB
Godot Space Shooter (64 Bits).zip 9 MB
Spacial Shooter - Source.zip 1 MB

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